About Us

We are a nonprofit group dedicated to cultivating experiences and partnerships that inspire, educate, and empower individuals to engage in a healthy lifestyle. As a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, the corporation is formed solely for charitable and educational purpose.

Guiding Principles for HHWA


In May of 2003 a group of local alternative healthcare practitioners and interested community members met for the first time to bring to fruition the vision of Dr. Deb Kirchhof-Glazier of forming  a non-profit organization whose goal is to enhance the health and well-being of individuals and the community through the promotion of alternative, complementary and integrative health and wellness initiatives. And so, the Huntingdon Health and Wellness Association (HHWA) was born along with one of its first events, the Healthy Harvest Festival.

In early 2008 a dream of HHWA was fulfilled. After years of planning, fundraising and grant writing, HHWA had a permanent home with the purchase of its present location at 313 Fourth Street. The building, renovated by volunteer hours from its members became a Wellness Center for the community. Christened “The Natural Connection Wellness Center,” the building houses a variety of alternative practitioners and hosts a myriad of activities and events.  The large community room is open to the community and the Natural Connection Wellness Center is one of the anchors of Huntingdon’s “4th Street Corridor.”

Past Events

Successful past HHWA events include stress reduction workshops, the Healthy Harvest Festival, Valentine’s Arts and Health Dinner, Taste of Health Dinners, Beat the Winter Blues Drum Party, Painting and Rock Painting Parties, and Music in the Park.  HHWA also hosted a “Commit to be Fit” event as well as open houses with mind, body, and spirit related workshops.  Our Taste of Health Dinners, featuring Dr. Debra Kirchhof-Glazier, included talks on “Gut Bacteria, Your Diet, and Depression” and “Gluten Free:  What’s In It for Me?”  HHWA also developed its own cookbook.