Wellness Products

The Natural Connection

 Energy, Health, and Wellness Products

by Donna Sunderland and Bill Stetchock

Nikken Wellness Consultants


Maintaining high energy levels and optimal health involves many factors.  These include good quality and quantity of water and food, exercise, proper sleep, and the ability to manage stress.

Water and Food

You are what you drink and eat!

The body is composed of almost 70% water. To maintain a balance, we consume water every day in food and drink. We even absorb it through our skin. One of the basics of good health is a daily intake of clean water. Getting eight 8-ounce glasses every day is a minimum requirement for most adults. A rule of thumb is to drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily. According to F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. in his book, You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty, “regularly drinking an ample amount of water a half hour before eating helps prevent excess cholesterol deposits by the cells lining the arteries and the liver.”

Drinking water can also relieve some fatigue symptoms.

Getting a well-balanced variety of fresh fruit and vegetables daily can serve your body the minerals and vitamins it needs for optimal function.  A better functioning body means a longer, healthier life for you.


Health experts agree that regular exercise is good for you in many ways. It’s one of the best ways to guard against cardiovascular disease, still the leading cause of death. It also improves mood and attitude.

Walk for your life!  Walking uses the body’s muscles and joints in a natural motion and works a large number of muscle groups.  A sustained, brisk walk can provide benefits for the heart and circulation.  It can even raise the metabolic rate, which can help burn calories and promote weight control. Walking is low-impact and doesn’t require perfect weather or a certain time of day. It can be done almost anywhere that’s safe.


Every day, medical science uncovers more facts about the importance of sleep.  It’s now known that adequate sleep is necessary to recharge the brain, rebuilding the nerve circuits that influence both learning and memory. Lack of sleep affects movement and coordination.  Miss out on enough sleep, and it becomes more difficult to perform certain activities, such as playing a musical instrument or driving a car.

Failure to get enough sleep can also affect our immune system and the physical regulators that help us avoid medical conditions, including obesity and diabetes. Because sleep is one of the most significant factors in your physical and mental well being, it’s important to make sleep – and a sleeping environment that enhances it- a priority in your home.  Clearly, sleep matters.

Stress reduction

Stress management is essential, since high stress levels over a period of time can be fatal, predisposing to heart attack and other health problems.

It is important to enjoy life! Do something each day for fun.  Looking forward to even a half -hour “just for you” helps the rest of the day go smoother.  Each special time renews and refreshes. It may be quiet time, reading a book or looking at a magazine, enjoying a hobby, or any other rewarding activity.  Another way to enjoy life is by setting goals.  It is important to set a goal that is significant to you and a little out of reach.  Stretching yourself to reach that goal makes accomplishing that goal an even more special endeavor.  Writing down your goals and using benchmarks to help measure the smaller steps helps you reach the stars.  Consider having a goal to be able to write a book at age 100 years!

It is also important to play! Through play, children learn some life skills. Through play, we adults can benefit also. Play helps to express emotions, including aggression, in a positive way and allows us to release the day’s stress.  Lowering daily stress gives you more energy, and changing daily routine through play can lighten stress levels.

Wellness Products

Products developed by Nikken, Inc. can have a positive effect on all these aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

For example, Nikken researchers developed a unique PiMag water system with microfine ultrafiltration, magnetic, and pi technologies that enhance water quality. It attaches in minutes to a faucet and provides a ready supply of PiMag water for drinking, cooking, and any household task, such as watering pets or plants.  Nikken also developed a wide variety of supplements that could quite possibly be the most complete, precisely targeted nutrition system in the world.

Regarding exercise, Nikken’s Cardiostrides look like athletic shoes, but they are so much more. The “magic” of Cardiostrides comes from the weight of metal pellets ergonomically distributed at the bottom of the shoe, which turn walking into power walking, enabling you to burn as much as 300 calories in 30 minutes.  Nikken also developed insoles called Magsteps and Magstrides, which have a unique patented triangular board and EQL precision magnetic design.  A double-blind study, led by Dr.Michael Weintraub from the Department of Neurology at New York Medical College using Nikken Magsteps and another type of insole, found that only the Magsteps were helpful in relieving diabetic neuropathy symptoms when worn every day.  The study is available upon request from Bill Stetchock.

As for sleep, Nikken’s advanced Sleep System with magnetic and far infrared technologies was developed after years of research by a team of medical professionals, engineers and scientists.  The complete system consists of a magnetic mattress and pad and a far infrared comforter and pillow that feature space-age ceramic-reflective fibers that absorb energy and reflect warmth.

Nikken also offers massage products for stress reduction.

For more information on wellness and to find out about Nikken products contact Donna Sunderland at Tomorrow’s Health Today at 152 Oliver Lane, McVeytown, PA 17051, 717-899-6380; email at tht@acsworld.com or Bill Stetchock at Box 86 Redbud Lane, Alexandria, Pa.16611; 814-669-9336; email at Redbud@pennswoods.net.

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