Body: Our Location

Our building, located at 313 4th Street, Huntingdon, PA, has undergone many renovations since its purchase ten years ago. The renovations have been accomplished by dedicated fundraising and by a physical commitment from many to take care of the needed repairs. As with any building, there is still work to be done, regular maintenance, and future dreams for renovations. We appreciate all support that we receive in this regard. There are practitioner offices on the second floor along with a waiting area and a restroom. The available practitioners in this area are:

On the first floor there is an office, rest room, and one practitioner room that is used part-time when clients for second floor practitioners need more accessibility. That practitioner room is also used part-time by:

There is also a large community room on the first floor. This room is used for yoga, meditation, drumming, movies, belly dance, relaxation, Reiki share, and other on-going and special events. The room is also available for rental.
Please come visit!